Smiley & The Underclass [GBR]

Smiley & The Underclass [GBR]
Mittwoch | 16. Mai 2018 | 21:00 Uhr

Smiley & The Underclass

Formed in 2014 in the infamous melting pot of West London’s Ladbroke Grove, Smiley & The Underclass are a rebel shout from a world on fire, a musical call-to-arms invoking a passion and honesty rarely seen in these times of cardboard cut-out pop-pollution. Infused with the bass heavy vibrations of Roots and Dub music, and the deadly concoction of lyrics and guitars reminiscent of The Clash and Bob Dylan, Smiley sings the revolution blues with a rhythm guaranteed to move ideas and dancehalls across the UK. The Underclass are Punky Reggae monsters, with catchy tunes and
skanks sliced together with mind-altering garage guitars.

The urgency is real and carries a climate conscious message powerful enough to awaken all punk rockers and roots rebels in this modern era.
With a debut EP under their belt and a full-length debut album “Rebels Out There” recently released on Bredda Records, recorded by Mick Jones (The Clash), produced by Smiley & The Underclass with a touch of engineering by legendary Nick Manasseh, you can expect a heavy detonation; a musical explosion to shake the core of the UK.
With revolution on the cards and social unrest all over, Smiley & The Underclass capture the spirit of the times.

Doors: 21:00 Uhr
Start: 22:00 Uhr

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