Have it All [ITA] // Weathered // Leave and Live

Have it All [ITA] // Weathered // Leave and Live
Freitag | 16. März 2018 | 20:00 Uhr

Have It All [HC – Padua, Italia]

Weathered [HC – Emsdetten/Münster]
Weathered is a german hardcore band formed in June 2014. Some old and new friends, loving to hit the road. Their songs tell about good and bad things in everyones life and to question everything, but never to give up what you believe in.

Leave and Live [Melodic Metalcore – Hamburg/Osnabrück]
‚Leave and Live‘ ist eine fünfköpfige Metalcore/Hardcore Band aus dem Süden Hamburgs und besteht seit Anfang 2013.